Libraries Supporting Teacher Collaboration, Student Voice and School Design

This two-day statewide library conference is sponsored by the Hawaii State Department of Education (HIDOE), Office of Curriculum and Instructional Design, School Library Services, in partnership with the Pacific Literacy Consortium.

The purpose of the conference is to equip HIDOE school library staff with tools, strategies and resources that focus on the three high impact strategies of teacher collaboration, student voice and school design to transform school library programs.

Professional development, training and program planning opportunities that grow school library staff knowledge and skills that best support information literacy, pre-k literacy skills, early literacy skills, brain-based learning, and computer science will be provided. Library professional development is aligned to the American Association for School Librarians (AASL) 2017 National School Library Standards and Future Ready Librarians Framework.


Nori Leong

Britannica Digital Learning
Education Consultant
Nori L.K. Leong is a former DOE School Library Services educational specialist, K-12 school librarian, teacher, and administrator. Retiring from the DOE, Nori became the Director of Libraries and Learning Commons at Hawai`i Pacific University. With a unique K-12 through P20 experience, her leadership efforts were focused on expanding partnerships to facilitate meaningful collaborative instruction focused on increasing knowledge of library resources and ensuring student success in learning.